Stay Safe

General Advice

If you meet someone for the first time, meet them only during the day time for Lunch or Coffee.

When you are going to meet someone for the first time, always pre-inform your family members about whom you will be meeting, where and when.

If someone is offering you personal checks or MoneyGram as a form of allowance then never accept it because the member can cancel these payments anytime.

Members can cancel the payments anytime after offering you money through personal checks or MoneyGram. Beware of such fake promises of paying money. 

Never disclose your personal information like bank details or password to anyone

Take Action

  • Report  members who are asking for sex in exchange of money.  

  • Report escorts or prostitutes. They are against our guidelines.

  • Report  members who are harassing you in any manner. 

  • Report members who are asking for your money in advance

  • Report members who are asking for your address

  • Report members who are asking for your personal information like bank details or password

  • Privacy

    Protecting Your Privacy

    • Do not display your personal contact information in your profile

  • Always use a secondary phone number which you can change in case of any issue.

  • Never attach your social media accounts links in your ReDzzire account profile

  • Never post photos similar to your other social media profiles. 

  • Do not use the same username everywhere. 

  • Preventing Your Account From Being Hacked

    Use a complex password for your account to avoid hacking. Use characters and numbers. 

    Make sure your registered email is highly secured. 

    Never share your account credentials with anyone. 


    Protecting yourself from criminals

    Date only verified members

    • Be Cautious. Redzzire does not verify each member. 

  • Check the complete information before meeting anyone. 

  • Do not discuss sexual things with your Redzzire profile. 

  • Warning about Minors is for people who are 18 or above. 

    Having a connection with a minor is an illegal offense. Kindly report or tell us If you spot minors on Redzzire. 

    Warning about Sex Opportunists

    Sex opportunists who claim to be Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommas are only for sex and NOT for any arrangement. Tips to avoiding them are:

    • Don't trust anyone easily.

  • Do not get sexual on the first date. First, know them well

  • Someone asks for a test drive from you, do not agree.

  • Here are some common tricks used by sex opportunists

    Online Sugar Daddy makes fake promises of getting you luxury items and gifts. Truth is they disappear after having sex with you. Example of excuses are:

    • "I have an emergency. Sorry, I need to go"

  • "I have a meeting. I need to leave right now"

  • "I do not have the cash right now, can I send you the allowance later?"

  • The sudden realisation of guilty-pleasure then emotionally Tricking you to get out of the house

  • Warning if financial opportunists

    Wealthy and Charming men and women who are only for your money are financial opportunists. The idea is to take your assets without having any intentions of a relationship. Tips to avoiding financial opportunists are:

    • Never send money in advance. Meet the person first and then make a decision

  • Be very Cautious when someone says He or She is out of town and then asks for money. Proceed only after verifying all the information

  • Here are a few tricks used by Financial Opportunists to emotionally take your money. They will disappear once they receive your money

    • I am not sure if you are a real Sugardaddy/Momma. I need money for verification that you are real.

  • I want to look Beautiful when I will meet you and I need money for that.

  • I desperately want to meet you but I don't have money to travel. Can you please make arrangements for my traveling.

  • There is a sudden emergency in my family but I don't have money. Please help me.

  • I am dying to talk to you but someone stole my phone. Please send me money so that I can buy a new Phone.

    • Wealthy members asking you to prove yourself by sending them money to verify you and go on the payroll

    Disclaimer- is not an escort service. It does not support any form of prostitution or escort related services. Any profile suspected of using prohibited content or committing illegal actions will be considered under Redzzire's Misconduct guidelines and will be banned from the website.